Is it Time to Upgrade your Company Logo?

October 03, 2011

Is it Time to Upgrade your Company Logo?

It’s no secret that your marketing tools can attract, or turn away, a potential customer. And your logo is the centerpiece of those marketing materials. How long has it been since you took a good, hard look at your current logo? Does it need to be updated? Is it worth the time, money, and possible risks to make changes?Here are some very good reasons to upgrade your logo as well as why you should hire a professional designer to make those changes.

Reasons to Consider an Upgrade

#1   Your Logo is Outdated

When you first start a business, it’s understandable that you want to spend as little money up-front as possible. Your product or service rightfully gets the full time and dollar attention, and marketing items such as a logo and business cards are often created using free clip art or a template. Unfortunately, as a company grows many business owners do not go back and take a closer look at their original designs. Do you have a logo that’s generic, poorly made, prints badly, is in outdated colors, or is too complicated? If so, it’s time for an upgrade. If you’re not sure what message your logo is sending to potential customers, ask others what they think.  

#2   Your Logo is not Web-Friendly

In order to load quickly on the web, an image needs to be optimized. It may also need to be re-sized to fit in a small thumbnail space. Logos that have a lot of small type or highly detailed artwork may not look good when viewed over the Internet. If your logo isn’t clean, clear and easy to re-size, it will look sloppy – and that never translates to sales.

#3   Your Logo is not Ready for Marketing Challenges

Is your logo really colorful? Color can help you get noticed, but it can also cost you a fortune. Reproducing colors in print marketing is expensive. Plus, there are advertising opportunities where color is not an option (think newspaper ads and phone directories). Can your logo stand on its own in black and white? If you’re relying on color to create brand identity, you could be limiting your options.

#4   Your Business has Changed Direction

Businesses often shift direction. You may start out as a furniture maker, for example, and later decide to make only tables. Does your logo still reflect an old direction? While it’s not essential that your logo have an image of what you offer (a show company doesn’t have to have a shoe in its logo) you should check it to make sure it doesn’t mislead consumers.

#5   Your Business is Growing

If your business is starting to take off, you may want to consider a re-launch. Trying to play catch-up with marketing materials while you’re expanding product and services is a disaster waiting to happen. Mismatched product tags, business cards, and other advertising are sure to be confusing, and you also don’t want to send a message that you’re not invested in quality. If you’ve reached a point in your business where you’re sure of your direction, perhaps a complete marketing overhaul (starting with your logo of course) is in order.

Still not sure if you need to make changes? Think about future marketing needs. Is your logo ready? Can it be blown up to poster size? How will it look on t-shirts?  What will it look like reversed on a dark background?  It’s better to get your logo right before you need to take advantage of the many opportunities growth can bring.

A Note on Branding…

Some business owners worry that changing the look of their logo might undo any brand recognition they may have already established. There is some validity to this, and it is something you must consider. The big question you have to ask yourself is how many people REALLY recognize your logo? Chances are, if you’re a small business, your customers are not as attached to your logo as you may be.

Try to look at it objectively – if you were to drastically change your logo, would it hurt business? If your logo isn’t working right now, then a change isn’t going to drive away customers. The benefits of getting a new, effective logo far outweigh the potential loss of customer recognition. If you’re not sure, consider a logo upgrade that keeps some of the elements of the original design but is slightly updated and professionally built.

Why you Should Hire a Professional

Have you ever wondered why people hire logo designers when there are so many free options out there? Well, it’s because the old adage holds true: you get what you pay for. Professionals are trained in designing graphics for both the print and web.

Your logo has to look great in any advertising venue or you may send the message that quality is not important. A knowledge of both print and web image specifications is essential to creating a quality logo. So, even if you like the look of your current logo, you should have it built by a professional designer. Did you know, for example, that colors look different on each monitor, depending on the settings? That means the exact perfect shade of violet you created may actually look pink on someone’s screen. Designers know which colors are web-safe. Do you want a logo that will look good in a tiny thumbnail on the Internet and on a large banner at your trade show? Then it will need to be built in a vector format. Don’t know what a vector format is? Exactly. That’s why you hire a professional. If you would like a free quote on a professionally designed logo, click here.

The key to a successful business is successful marketing. Branding, which includes logo recognition, is one of the cornerstones of effective marketing. Don’t let your logo send the wrong message! Invest in its design the way you would invest in anything important to your business.