We are a full service Pennsylvania based marketing agency comprised of six experienced, passionate members. We specialize in web design, user experience (UX) design, website development, eCommerce and print marketing. Founded in 2005, our company is built around providing unmatched service and support to our clients. Triple Moons Design is comprised of a blending of designers, developers and creative minds working to achieve optimal results for our clients. We aren’t a high-volume studio so we can ensure the clients we work with receive our commitment to their success. Our team has a reputation of providing results regardless of your project or company size. We help you dive deep into your brand and market so we can provide these results as efficiently as possible and make your company stand out from the crowd.


Our established team of talented staff is made up of experienced individuals with specific skills. A unique blend of designers, developers and creative minds work together to achieve incredible results for our clients. Our staff has a combined 50 years of experience in the web development industry with the owner having 10 years of experience in the industry. At Triple Moons Design we take great pride in our work, reputation and skills as a company built around providing top notch service.

Stephanie Kunder

Stephanie Kunder

Creative Director

Stef has worked with numerous industries over the last 10 years prior to striking out on her own fulltime. Having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Art Institute of Pennsylvania, her skillset includes: Design, XHTML, PHP and CSS. Working on the front lines, Stef manages client projects and is the principle figure behind website design done by TMD.

Steven Whitney

Steven Whitney

Technology Director

With 15 years of experience as a MIS Manager, Steven‘s proficiency in hardware, software, database programming and administration makes him a key component to the success of Triple Moons Design. He is an all around digital ninja when it comes to the development of websites, having his hand in almost everything web-related that comes through the doors.


Laura Hynes

Graphic Designer

Laura provides eye-catching and imaginative solutions to client’s visual marketing needs. Her talents extend into a variety of graphic formats including logo, business card, brochure and other marketing materials. Also a graduate from the Art Institute of Pennsylvania, Laura has a fabulous attitude and has become a much appreciated teammate.

Max Gritsenko

Max Gritsenko

Website Developer

Max is an absolute Javascript ninja. His proficiency with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap has made him an invaluable member of our team. If it can be done on the web, Max has the ability to action it quickly and efficiently to get you the interactions and animations you're looking for.


Rebecca Daneault


Our in-house copy writer, Rebecca, weaves language to ensure our clients are properly represented. Rebecca works closely with our clients to create press releases, unique articles and any other piece of marketing text which requires professionally written content.


Melissa Sell

Content Curator

Melissa work collaboratively with team members to cultivate, coordinate and format website content both internally and for clients.

Their are millions of web designers in the world...So why us?

A gorgeous design is a marvelous thing, but if it isn’t designed to lead your visitors taking actions to further their relationship with your company, the design is just an expense . We love design, however a solid foundation is important! You’ll find that we design from the perspective of visitor experience, usability and conversion. We love a great design, for sure, but our work is founded on marketing and conversion.

Their are millions of web designers in the world...So why us?


Website & Graphic Design

We offer premium design services and with 10 years of experience in the industry, our designers are able to handle all types of design projects.

Website Development

Our small team of gurus have a wide range of skills. We can manage fixed width and responsive static websites, as well as WordPress and eCommerce and so much more!

Responsive Layout

We strive to keep up on the latest trends. Responsive websites is the industry-standard! Why pay for two sites when you can have a responsive website that will look good on ANY device?

Smart Design

What puts us ahead of our competitors is our ability to design your website while prioritizing what you need for optimal results. We take all aspects of your market everything into consideration. We’ll help you get it done right the first time!

We Love WordPress

Our team has been using WordPress since 2008. It is flexible, easy to use, and updates are no sweat. It is by far the most widely used content management system for a reason! If you would like to be able to edit the content of your site easily, this is the option for you!


We have taken the best content management system available and combined it with one of the best responsive frameworks available. This allows for a flexible, lightweight website that is easy to update, loads fast, and looks great across all digital media. It’s the perfect website solution for any business.

Search Engine Optimization

Our team has specialists that are adept at getting our client websites first page rankings for a variety of popular search terms. If you’re interested in a strong, ongoing SEO campaign, our team can create a plan specifically for your business!

Explainer Videos

Who doesn't love a good video? Our team loves creating in video format, providing an entertaining overview of the who-what-why of your business to help you get your message across faster.

Branding & Print Marketing

We love the chance to design a logo, business card or print advertisement. Whether you are a start-up company or an established brand looking for a reboot, we can help you with more then just a website!


We build websites that are responsive!

With the world going more mobile every day, it’s important to set your business’ online presence up in a way that will be viewable by the most number of people. Our websites are easily viewed in a variety of mobile devices available including iphones, ipads, android tablets, smart phones, etc. Your customers will appreciate being able to access the most important information about your products and services no matter where they are in the world!

We build websites that are responsive!

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