Considering a Website Redesign?

April 11, 2011

Considering a Website Redesign?

Dozens of reasons exist on why you may require a website redesign. If you’re not an IT person, you may not even realize that your website needs one. Learn how to check whether or not it’s time to change the layout of your website…

First of all, browse other websites and determine if their website design looks more stylish than yours. Aesthetics is a very important aspect of a website, so if you acknowledge that your website looks outdated and unattractive to the target audience, you need to make corrections. Remember that in order to gain a competitive advantage, you need to look for a high quality, custom design that will create a positive and modern image of your company. This will help to build brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and convey the message about your company the way you want it.

Another important reason why you should consider redesigning your website is usability. Every year web standards change and web development techniques become more advanced in order to comply with these standards. If your site was developed several years ago, it probably has a lot of unnecessary html code, causing slow loading. Get a redesign to current standards to increase the usability and in turn, attract more visitors.

If you want to increase sales generated by your website, you might also consider applying modern search engine optimization techniques. As a rule, professional web designers of today know how to optimize your site to make it more relevant to the necessary keywords, as well as to make it easier for search bots to index pages.

Content management is another reason to justify the creation of a new design for your website. Several years ago website content was static and unchangeable unless you knew HTML, today you don’t need all that knowledge and so much effort — modern content management systems make it easier than it has ever been to update a website. Knowing a simple text editor is the only skill you need to change texts, images and other media files, add new pages and sections to your web site. If you order a custom web design, you can receive a CMS integration, so if you want to update not only the look, but the information on your site, redesign is just what you need.

Consider adding some special features to your website that will make your customers want to return again and again. These features could include forums, blogs or articles.

If you’ve determined your site needs a new custom web design, contact a reputable designer. If you are afraid to put a lot of money into your new website, think about all the returns on your investment. If your site brings you some income now, a smart design solution will only increase your profits.