How to Ensure your Business Card Stands Out

December 03, 2014

How to Ensure your Business Card Stands Out

If you’ve ever attended a networking event, you’re all too familiar with having people introduce themselves and shove their business cards into your hand. What you inevitably end up with is a massive stack of cards that offer little to no connection to the person they represent. The point is, simply having a business card isn’t enough. You have to take measures to make yours stand out amongst the rest, so that your card (and your business) doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

So how can you ensure that your business cards truly stand out and capture the attention of your prospects? Here are 6 simple strategies that will make your business card the one your prospects want to hold on to.

  1. Have your business cards custom designed to match your brand. Sure, those offers for free templates or extremely discounted business card services may be tempting, especially if you’re on a tight budget. This savings won’t be worth it, however, if your card isn’t effective at getting attention for your business. Professionally designed business cards that are customized to incorporate your logo and other visual elements of your business will help you stand out and make your card more impactful.
  2. Use thick, quality paper to print your business cards. The material you print your business cards on can actually lend to the level of professionalism and importance they project. Use thicker paper that is smooth and feels better to differentiate your card from the stack of others. Keep in mind, to accomplish this you’ll have to forego your small digital printer and employ a traditional one. While this may mean an increase in cost, the results you’ll get from your sturdier, more professional business cards will be well worth the added expense. (Think of it as an investment in your brand.)
  3. Utilize both sides of the card. The back of a business card is the perfect place to put your company tagline, information about your product, a short list of your services or even a photo that reinforces your brand. Just be sure to leave a small amount of margin space for those networking contacts that prefer to use the back of business cards to jot down notes.
  4. Add instant value to your card by using it to extend an offer. Do you provide a free consultation or offer a discount for new customers? Why not use your business card to communicate this information? If your card has an added level of value, your contacts will be much more likely to hold onto it. By appealing to your prospects’ potential needs and offering them something of value, your business cards – and your business – will instantly become more memorable.
  5. Use a fold-out design. While it’s not the standard style, fold-out style business cards can be very effective because they can serve as both a business card and a mini brochure. Think of common questions or concerns that arise when you’re networking with prospects and consider incorporating the answers or solutions right into your fold-out business cards. Depending on the industry you’re in, this format is also particularly good for showing samples of your work. A fold-out design is memorable because it’s different and can also serve to provide enough information to pique your prospects’ interest and entice them to contact you to learn more
  6. Think outside the box, or rectangle, so to speak. There’s no rule that states every business card has to be cut in a traditional rectangular shape. In fact, cards that are cut in unusual or unique shapes can really catch someone’s attention because they’re so different than the norm. Consider a square shape or having the corners rounded or angled slightly to make your business cards visually interesting. It may cost a bit more but if it grabs the attention of your prospects, it’s worth it.

Any of these strategies, or a combination of several, can help set your business apart from others and keep you on the mind of your prospective clients. The more your cards stand out, the better your chances of capturing more leads and landing new clients for your business.

Not sure if your business card has what it takes to truly stand out? Check out our article, Is it Time to Upgrade your Business Card, to find out for sure and then give us a call.  We can design a card that is dynamic and will help to set your business apart from the competition.