IE6: Stop Using It!

January 24, 2011

IE6: Stop Using It!

We have noticed over the past several months several viewers of our websites are using the outdated, unsupported, insecure Internet Explorer 6. This begs us to ask the question…Why?

Internet Explorer 6, the default browser shipped with Windows XP Professional, has been rated as one of the worst tech products of all-time. IE6 was replaced with the more secure Internet Explorer 7 in October 2006. IE7 was replaced with Internet Explorer 8 in March of 2009, nearly two years ago. Both browsers have large improvements in usability, but their biggest selling point is security. Internet Explorer 9 is available in beta and we expect that it won’t be long until it is released as an official update to IE8.

Their is also an abundance of credible free alternatives to Internet Explorer available, including Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. With all of these options, why continue to subject yourself to flawed software?

youtube ie6 supportWith nearly a decade of security patches applied, IE6 still doesn’t have any more features or web standards compliance than it did when it shipped in 2001. Google, Yahoo, YouTube…These are only a handful of websites that do not fully support IE6.

IE6 users, it’s time to get with the times! You or your IT staff has had more than enough time to come up with alternatives to IE6.