Social Networking & Marketing

March 14, 2011

Social Networking & Marketing

social networkingSocial media gives your business the power to grow bigger. Many businesses are integrating different social networking tools into their marketing plan to make it more interactive, communicative and informative. Several benefits of integrating these tools exist, a handful are mentioned below…


Even after adopting the best of designing techniques and SEO standards, a new business will need to take time to reach its target audience, and the growth will be slow. If you integrate Twitter, YouTube or Facebook accounts into your marketing lineup, you can interact more with your target audience. The more time you commit to social networking the more people will interact and recommend your pages to others. This can certainly give a boost to the brand image of your business.

Feedback and Customer Service

The purpose of graphic design and web development is not just to gain the attention of a viewer, but also to make them more involved. To run any business successfully, it is vital to get customers’ feedback and provide good customer service. Integrating social media into your marketing plan can help you to do that seamlessly. Suppose, a customer posts a negative experience about your product or service. With the help of social media, you can immediately reach that person and offer him a solution, before his negative remark can influence other customers.

Lead Generation

If you maintain social networking accounts, you can post promotional offers, discounts and special announcements to your followers. This will attract the attention of your existing customers as well as new, providing a boost to your business.


Social network media is a powerful tool to generate goodwill for your brand and business. Utilizing social media means you are constantly in touch with the interested prospects and increasing your reach. In the process, you are getting new customers, repeat customers and referrals. These tools help you to not just interact with people on a business level, but on a friendly and emotional level. You can engage into direct conversation with your prospects, learn their needs, feedback and grievances all the while offering a proper solution as fast as possible. This increases the positivity of your business and this is what generates goodwill.

It is not just beneficial but a necessity to integrate social network media into your marketing plan. You are not limited to the social networks mentioned in this article, dozens of options are only a search away.