WordPress as a Content Management System

February 28, 2011

WordPress as a Content Management System

wordpressWordPress is arguably the most commonly used open source content management platform used today. It is such a convenient and easy CMS that users of this platform rarely switch over to other types of CMS. A person, who has little knowledge of websites can easily work with WordPress. The structure of the CMS is that simple.

There are several factors that make WordPress a great content management solution:

User Friendly

The platform itself is simple and easy to use. It is not necessary to know the techniques of website development and you will have complete control. You can add new pages to the website, add videos, publish blog posts, respond to comments, without any knowledge of the technical aspects.


WordPress provides all the basic aspects of website development however, sometimes the basic features might not be enough. The advanced features in plugins make a website highly sophisticated and increase the value of the site. With plugins, one can alter the usability, appearance and functionality of the a website fairly easily.


The availability of WordPress Themes has become increasingly abundant. Loads of resources are available where people design and dole out free and paid for themes. More often then not, paid themes are better and more attractive than their free counterparts. Themes can be modified and customized to suit the branding of a company and a WordPress developer can create one based on your specific needs.

This handful of aspects show that WordPress development is highly effective in the present day WWW.