Attract more clients and retain existing ones with a complete internet marketing solution. Don’t be persuaded by free or template solutions, your brand is unique and your website is an extension of that. Our websites are uniquely designed and customized for your business. Most importantly, no matter the budget, we will work with you to create a custom website and online marketing plan that works for you.

It doesn’t matter what niche business you’re in! You need results!

Our established team of talented staff is made up of experienced individuals with specific skills. A unique blend of designers, developers and creative minds work together to achieve incredible results for our clients. Our staff has a combined 50 years of experience in the web development industry. At Triple Moons Design we take great pride in our work, reputation and skills as a company built around providing top notch service.

If you want your business to have a positive impact on your clientele, it is necessary to convey a professional appearance. To meet the needs of your customers and successfully market yourself and your business to today’s sophisticated online consumers a professional website is a necessity.


At Triple Moons Design, we are your complete solution. Our prices start at $600 for the initial setup costs and additional features that suit your business needs can be added to the base setup. See below for what is included with the setup cost and what additional features are available! We offer three monthly service & support packages however, depending upon your business’s location and size, a custom online marketing strategy can be conceptualized for your specific needs.

Base WebsiteSocial Media IntegrationGoogle Maps IntegrationAppointment RequestsPhoto Gallery IntegrationEvents Calendar IntegrationMobile CompatibilityLaunch Search Engine OptimizationMore Features

Our specialty is developing beautiful and cutting edge websites for all business types that convert visitors to clients! As a base, we offer a premium three page website, including additional optional features. These features include: Social Media Integration, Google Maps Integration and Appointment Booking. Mobile compatibility is automatically built into our website framework and your initial Launch Search Engine Optimization will be implemented.

Each website created by our team includes an easy to use dashboard where our clients can manage multiple features independently including updating page copy and promotions, photo galleries, events calendar and even appointment bookings. We try to make things as easy as possible for you so that you can focus on what you do best; running your business!

Are you looking for more for your website?


We want your website to reflect you as the unique business that you are!  If you’re looking for something a little more (or a lot more!) then our base setup, click that pink button on the right side of your screen and schedule a free consultation! Our online marketing specialists will help you map out your new business website, custom tailor-made for your specific needs!

If you ask any marketing professional what the fastest growing form of marketing is, they’ll tell you Social Media. If you haven’t noticed, it seems everyone has a social media presence of some form or another. Because of this, it is critical that your business has a presence on these platforms; you need to be where you customers are!

Our website’s make your job easier by automatically syndicating your content to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, saving your business time and money. Additionally share your social status updates directly on your website with our  nifty Social Slider (check it out on the left side of your screen)!

Are you looking for more social media support?

The problem with social media is setting up and managing a variety of social media accounts can be extremely time consuming for a business owner. Our social media experts at Triple Moons Design understand the importance of social media and can do everything possible to make your social media marketing as easy and effective as possible. We can setup these accounts for your business or brand your existing social media accounts around your business and even automatically post engaging content to your social media accounts (Social auto-posting is available with our Elite Monthly Service & Support Plan!).

With us you will never have to worry about your business not being active enough on social media and missing out on potential clients again!

Making sure your customers can find your business is probably one of the most important things wouldn’t you agree? We make sure your clients are able to find your business by integrating easy to use Google Maps into every website. These interactive maps constantly update to provide the most up to date information for your business.

With complete Google Maps integration built in you can be sure that you’ll never lose another customer due to difficulty in finding your business!

One of the best ways your website can generate new clients and keep your existing coming back is by allowing your visitors to request appointments right through the website. With our appointment system, website visitors are able to request an appointment online, of which instantly an email is sent letting you know about the request. If the appointment is open in your business, it’s as simple as logging into your website’s dashboard and approving the pending appointment. Once approved, the appointment system will email the client letting them now and as an added bonus, will remind them the day before about the upcoming appointment! By having an appointment system built right into your website your business can start generating new customers virtually automatically!

Want to get a sneak peek? Click Here to check out our Appointment Booking for Consultations & IT Support (While you’re there, why don’t you go ahead and schedule your consult with us!).

Our gallery system has easy bulk uploading, a variety of cool effects and built in social sharing! If you have pictures of your business, staff, customers, or anything you can think of, creating a gallery is even easier than adding pictures to Facebook!

With our powerful photo galleries you can show your potential clients just how awesome your business really is!

If you have any special events or closed dates, one of the best ways to let your customers know about them is through our interactive calendar! Letting your customers know about any promotions or specials you’ll be having goes a long way in building customer loyalty!

events_1 events_2

Every single day more and more people are searching for businesses right on their smart phones. If your business doesn’t have a mobile friendly website, chances are that these customers are going to be finding your competitors! At Triple Moons Design we are constantly working to make sure your business has every advantage when it comes to online marketing so we make sure every one of our client websites is mobile responsive.

Every clients mobile website is tested on a variety of different mobile platforms including Apple iOS (iPhones, iPads, iPods) and Android powered phones and tablets. You can rest assured anyone looking for a business on their mobile phone will have no trouble finding you!

A website is only as good as it’s optimization. What good is a website for your business if no one finds it through the search engines? Our team has search engine optimization specialists that are adept at getting our client websites first page rankings for a variety of popular search terms. Search engines take over 200 factors into account when deciding where to rank websites and these factors include everything from social media mentions, back-links, keyword density, and so much more (We won’t bore you with the details!).


Getting top ranks in Google, Bing and Yahoo requires constant tracking and optimization which can be quite the task for business owners. Our team makes it easy by handling all the heavy lifting for our clients at launch, leaving you to concentrate on what you do best, running your business !

But what about after launch?

Great question! SEO is not a one and done situation. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing, and every day search engines are crawling the internet and adjusting search engine results pages to reflect updated content, new websites, and shifting dynamics due to linking and popularity.

To maintain a popular web presence and stay at the top for your keyword phrases, your website needs regularly monitored and the latest trends in keyword searches you used need optimized on your site. To achieve and hold a top listing in search engine results, you must strive to stay ahead of competitors for the keyword phrases you used in optimizing your site.

If you’re interested in a strong, ongoing SEO campaign, our Elite Monthly Service & Support Plan is for you. Our SEO experts will outline a plan specifically for your business !

This is all just the beginning…

These are only the features that we build into the initial setup for our client websites. Having a team of great developers on staff allows us to add awesome features and applications to your website. We are constantly adapting to the changing online marketplace by making available additional features.

So now that you know some of the features that make a Triple Moons Design website the best option for your business’s online marketing and website solution, don’t wait! Get started today and start generating new sales and customers for your business within a few weeks!

Click the pink icon to the right and schedule a Free Consultation!

Monthly Service & Support

per month
  • Website Hosting
  • 1 Email Account
  • Monthly Google Analytics Reports
  • Daily Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • Website Security Monitoring
per month
  • Website Hosting
  • 3 Email Accounts
  • Monthly Google Analytics Reports
  • Daily Backups & Disaster Recovery
  • Website Security Monitoring
  • 1 Hour of Technical Support
  • Monthly Search Engine Optimization

Are you looking for an online marketing service that’s not listed above or want more information on anything already outlined? Contact us today and we’ll discuss an online marketing strategy tailored to your specific needs!

*Technical Support is billed hourly at a rate of $40 an hour for Basic Service Members.
*Technical Support for Pro and Elite Service Members in excess of 1 hour is billed hourly at a discounted  rate of $35 an hour.