We are a full service Pennsylvania based marketing agency comprised of six experienced, passionate members. We specialize in web design, user experience (UX) design, website development, eCommerce and print marketing. Founded in 2005 by Stephanie Kunder, our company is built around providing unmatched service and support to our clients. Triple Moons Design is comprised of a blending of designers, developers and creative minds working to achieve optimal results for our clients.

We aren’t a high-volume studio so we can ensure the clients we work with receive our commitment to their success. Our team has a reputation of providing results regardless of your project or company size. We help you dive deep into your brand and market so we can provide these results as efficiently as possible and make your company stand out from the crowd.


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Designed for Success
Lots of sweat and tears went into your business and we absolutely want you to succeed in the online world. Everything we do is done with your success in mind.
Affordable Marketing
You want a stunning online representation of all the effort you’ve put into your business, however, you don’t have unlimited resources. Our streamlined processes to keep your online investment reasonable.
Strong & Secure
Once you invest into your online presence, you want it to last. We build websites on a strong and secure infrastructure that can handle the quickly changing universe of the internet.